Into the Nanten

The Nanten is a jungle so hostile that to enter it willingly is considered suicide. This is the journal of Marceles na Tetrarch, a warrior currently exiled to the Nanten for murder. He goes in search of a man that he hates, who was exiled there 20 years ago: Brin Salisir.

It was rumored that Salisir went to discover a cult risen from the darkest dredges of humanity. What Marceles didn’t know was if the rumors were true. Into the Nanten was updated in real time (EST) from 9/9/14 – 3/27/16 – when he finished an entry or illustration it appeared here in our world, on this blog. He wrote almost every evening.

If this is your first visit to Marceles’ journal WE SUGGEST YOU START FROM THE BEGINNING, with his first entry, and follow along until you have caught up. Also available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

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Introducing Into the Nanten

Entry 1 – Day 117

Brin Salisir, a name that has haunted me all my life. Just over two decades have passed since Brin Salisir made my days a waking hell. Seven years we are called to train to earn our right. Seven brutal years where everything is stripped away from us, cleansed by pain and discipline. The first two years of that torment was increased tenfold by Salisir.

He beat us. Unlike any other of our instructors, Salisir would reward failure with physical harm. I carry two of the scars to this day.

Then Salisir was exiled to the Nanten. It was the worst fate he could have received, and the greatest relief of my young life. I won’t lie to you, hearing that Salisir was being sent to his death made me happy. Truly happy.

Rumors circulated that some Daedric prince had claimed the Nanten Kingdom, a country as large as any two provinces in the Old Empire. No one had confirmed this. Salisir was expected to do just that, and to kill this prince should Salisir find him. It was a death sentence.

No Imperial went to the Nanten any longer. They hadn’t for nearly a century. The few who did never returned. The tales fed to the world by traders on its fringe only inspired horror stories that cemented the world’s distance.

That hasn’t changed in the last twenty years. [Continue Reading…]


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