About Into the Nanten - Jay Swanson

About Into the Nanten

Marceles na Tetrarch has been exiled to the most hostile place in the world, the Nanten – a jungle so thick with bandits, monsters, and cannibals that no one dares enter willingly. To do so is considered suicide.

Marceles enters at the bidding of his order.

He has been sent to uncover the fate of Brin Salisir, a man he hates. Salisir entered the Nanten twenty years before on a quest to uncover the truth behind rumors that a dark cult had arisen in the heart of the jungle. No one has heard from Salisir since, nor whether he ever completed the tasks set before him.

This mission is to be Mareceles’ last, but he would leave a record of his journey, as well as his life, in hopes of clearing his name to any who would listen. Assuming any ever find his journal.

You, it turns out, have the privilege of reading along as he writes it.

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Inifra - the Water Priestess

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Each entry is posted here in real time – if Marceles writes in the evening, his words will appear in a post here in the evening. If he writes the next morning, so too will his words appear here the following morning (Eastern time – US). Should he skip a day, well, you get the idea. Follow along here and on twitter as the adventure unfolds!

Marceles has his own twitter account where his thoughts post in real time – it’s also the best place to be alerted to new entries in his journal as soon as they’re up.

If you enjoy the quotes and illustrations in his journal, and you love Instagram, then you may want to follow along here as well.

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The Team

Bringing Marceles to Life (and doing our best to keep him that way)

Jay Swanson

Jay Swanson

Creator - Author - Producer

Jay Swanson is the author of the epic fantasy trilogy the Vitalis Chronicles and the short novel Dark Horse. He is also the author of Shadows of the Highridge, another novel set around events taking place earlier in Brin Salisir’s life. All of Jay’s available work takes place in the same universe, including Into the Nanten.

He has lent his voice to Marceles’ words.


The Idea

Jay came up with the idea for Into the Nanten shortly after returning to the States from living in the Republic of Congo. He had been searching for a serialized story to tell, something worth publishing – something challenging. Fate conspired for the necessary spark to find him along one of the most treacherous rivers in the world.

He made friends with the men responsible for shipping the lion’s share of Heineken to Congo’s capital, Brazzaville, from the port of Pointe Noire. Their harrowing stories of braving the road from port to capital were enthralling enough on their own, but then they suggested Jay read Blood River by Tim Butcher, the story of a journalist recreating Stanley’s discovery of the Congo River. It was self-indulgent to say the least, and suicidal by all counts including his own.

The very first page of Blood River sparked Jay’s imagination, unifying years of vague concepts around one central theme: a man forced to enter a regressive kingdom in the heart of an insanely hostile jungle. And we could follow his journal, day by day.

Nimit Malavia had illustrated the cover of Jay’s third book, but this was the project Jay had always wanted him for. Something journal-based, filled with sketches and the emotional impact that Nimit had mastered over the years. It would be another year before Jay found and enlisted the voice of Dennis Kleinman to bring Marceles’ words to our ears. Together they have created a compilation, a story told through multiple mediums over two years – all of it initially released in real time.

As for journal three, well, you’ll have to stick around to find out what happens there.

Nimit Malavia

Nimit Malavia


Nimit Malavia is a freelance illustrator who has produced work for clients in film, television, animation, editorial, print, graphic novels and web. His work speaks for itself.

He has lent his pen to Marceles’ sketches.

Dennis Kleinman

Dennis Kleinman


Dennis Kleinman’s voice is naturally that of an adventurer – when you first hear him speak, it’s not difficult to imagine that he’s talking to you from the depths of the jungle.

He brings Marceles’ voice to life.