Main Characters of Into the Nanten


Marceles na Tetrarch - characters of Into the Nanten

Marceles na Tetrarch

Of the Characters of Into the Nanten, Marceles na Tetrarch is the central piece to the ensemble, and the author of this journal. Exiled into the Nanten for killing Lystra, he now leads a band of four adventurers on a mission to find Brin Salisir. Whether they find him dead or alive, they are to ensure he completed his own mission. A mission he was sent on when he himself was exiled 20 years before.

Bartola Dionus

Bartola Dionus is the most infamous member of Marceles’ companions. He is a Walker, a master Wind expressionist whose life Marceles saved sometime in the past. His name is known throughout the Old Empire for singlehandedly carrying out various high-profile assassinations. Where his formidable magic brings comfort to the party, his dry wit often lightens the mood.

Bartola Dionus - characters of Into the Nanten
Slad Bolton

Slad Bolton

Slaver - Great Wastes

Slad Bolton is a slaver from the Great Wastes, a man who has made a long career from the suffering of others. He’s bitter and bigoted. He once swore to kill Marceles, and even though he serves him now he does not do so gladly. He hates Starlark with irrational zeal.

Hinuck Balthandar

Hinuck Balthandar

Spearman - Summer Islander

Hinuck Balthandar was first bodyguard to the Prince Regent of Saluda, a chief power among the Summer Isles. He’s massive, implacable, and a warrior whose skill Marceles deemed nearly equal to his own. His calm demeanor and wise words regularly nip volatile conflicts among the companions in the bud.

Starlark na Crestward

Starlark na Crestward

Archer - Bandit

Roos “Starlark” na Crestward is the black sheep of a noble family, the youngest son who took to archery to gain his father’s approval. When that failed, he took to banditry to elicit the exact opposite response. He is like a little brother to Marceles, and is quickly growing to resent Bolton for his unearned hostility.

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