Senida, the silent city of the Akari Grasslands, is silent no more. We awoke this morning to a strange knocking sound echoing faintly through the streets below and carrying above the buildings around us. We do not know what made it.

We immediately began searching, but it ceased long before we drew near the source. The sound was steady, like a hammer pounding nails. It felt as though it stopped in response to our proximity. The silence only feels more oppressive now in its absence.

Our resolve was shaken in the wake of this experience. I don’t know why, but it was unnerving to the highest degree when the echoes of that knocking died.


The search we started afterwards was half-hearted and ended shortly after it began. We must find some clue of Salisir before we leave, however. It seems strange, but the mystery of the people of Senida has preempted that search for the last few days. I suppose because I always assumed that it would be from them that our clue would be derived. At the moment I find their plight more interesting.

Perhaps Senida itself is the clue. What if Salisir did this to these people? It seems ludicrous to think that a man, even one as prone to violence as Salisir, would be capable of emptying an entire city. But perhaps whatever he stole from Graylag gave him the power to do so.

Each day we stay here provides more questions. No answers yet present themselves.

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