They have followed us, and now they are here. Starlark slept soundly, which improved his mood notably but not enough that I could tell him what we saw in the night. Now that I have seen it I can better understand his fears.

Quote-Entry-107 followed us

Somehow the wraiths of the Akari Grasslands have followed us into Senida. They only appeared below us in the streets during the night, and we only saw them twice. But they are here now. Perhaps it was foolhardy of us to believe that they were blocked by a shallow river. Perhaps it was only wishful thinking.

But it is true that they were unable to follow, at least at first, and they never once harassed us after crossing the blood river.

We convinced Starlark it was safe to descend from our rooftop, even though neither Balthandar nor I were truly sure of this. We took our time exploring the building to be sure that nothing waited for us, and then resumed our normal search of the city.

Moving through the streets seemed to calm Starlark’s nerves. We found some of the golden stalks of grass for him to chew on growing near the palace gates at the center of town. That even put a smile on his face for a moment, faint as it was.

We haven’t discovered any clues, but I have hope that we can restore Starlark’s shattered self if only we give it time.

We did find a Daedric temple hidden away behind some low buildings. It took every ounce of self-control I had to keep from burning it to the ground immediately, but the risk of destroying the entire city in the process stayed my hand. Is this proof that there is a Daedric Society hidden away in the heart of the Nanten? Or is it simply the result of Klotian influence, permitting such things to exist where they should be destroyed?

If nothing else it bodes ill to find such things allowed to stand within the confines of any civilization, abandoned or no.

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