We will have to tell Starlark of the danger we face eventually, but as yet he does not seem to care enough to know. It’s easier to keep someone from discovering secrets when they do not wish to hear them. Balthandar and I are on edge, which he must sense, but that very knowledge is what seems to drive him into ignorance.

What we wouldn’t give for a little less knowledge of the world around us tonight ourselves.

Today was not entirely fruitless, thankfully. Senida has begun to open herself up to us. Whatever happened to the Klotian power structure that ruled their society started near the top. We hadn’t explored the palace at length yet, but today we found ourselves in a house on the palace grounds that appears to have belonged to some sort of minister.

Every mirror in the house was broken. Most had been stabbed with knives.


The palace appeared to be free of such wanton destruction until we finally discovered the private chambers near its heart. Every mirror there was broken as well, with more than one blade still in place at their centers.

Whatever depopulated Senida must have happened at around the same time, for these people would not have left broken mirrors lying around in their own homes. Klotians are wildly superstitious people, and because they are wildly purist I assume the upper class here held more in common with Klotians than just their architecture. Why they would do this though, I cannot guess.

We also discovered a makeshift catacomb beneath the palace grounds. It appears it was originally built as dry storage with a massive wine cellar, but now it is filled with more bones than goods. This was the first actual sign of corpses we’ve found in the city this entire time. I don’t know why we paid so little attention to the palace until now, but we will spend more time there tomorrow.

Quote entry 109 mirrors

It makes me wonder what else we’ve missed as we’ve explored. Perhaps we were so blinded by the fact that we were in an actual city that we could not see what was awry within it.

The images of all of those bones haunt me now, and knowing that the Makonga draws near… I see faces in the shadows all the time. My mind is playing tricks on me, and all I can hope is that the Lost Children of Senida are as bad as things will get here.

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