Gorung and ClickClick returned to us today as we continued searching the palace grounds. They do not know what it was that Salisir discovered to drive the Klotians insane, but we need to find out. I have never heard of its like. Whatever it was left the remaining Nantese unprotected against the Lost Children when he took it. Much as the Life of Graylag protected the bandit warlords from the KoraKora, so this relic kept its own darkness at bay.

ClickClick has become a painful reminder to me of Kantoo. The boy looks like him, but is far more serious in how he conducts himself. Unlike Kantoo, ClickClick rarely smiles. He is curious, and quite helpful, but the joy in him is greatly diminished. Perhaps the fact that he limps on the leg Starlark shot only heightens the likeness between him and our legless friend.


I asked them today what the Chief of the KoraKora’s words meant when he killed Kantoo, “Bora no kandoh mahotoo.” They said it meant “All traitors die, so balance restores itself.”

I did not tell them why I knew the phrase. Kantoo and Bolton died within seconds of each other, and in a way I suppose Kantoo did betray the KoraKora. They saw him as their cattle, his life no great thing to cast aside. But Kantoo was a brilliant boy, a joy to have around. He may have been Nantese, but he was every bit as human as any of us.

Quote-Entry-111 ClickClick

ClickClick’s resemblance to Kantoo is how I found myself seething most of the day. Starlark was far ahead of me on that mood, his distaste for our Nantese companions hidden about as well as the moons in the sky. Balthandar hasn’t lost all of his dislike of the Nantese either, but unlike Starlark he is far more political in his dealings with them.

They showed us an underground route around the catacombs to a series of vaults under the palace. Gorung said it was here that much of Salisir’s search was dedicated. There were four of them, one of which was already open and empty. It took us a few hours, but we were able to breach one of the remaining vaults with considerable effort. Inside we found various treasures but no relics, nor any clues about the item Salisir took from here.

We need to know what it was he took, for once he took it the Makonga’s power grew in this place. Discovering what it is will hopefully lay its weaknesses bare. It will also help us better understand Salisir, for while we have discovered his path we have yet to reveal his motives. Those will be more useful.

We will try to breach the other vaults tomorrow. Gorung says there was a demolitions alchemist in the quarries north of Senida. It’s a half-day’s journey in total, but it should make blasting the hinges off these vaults a simple task.

I just want to forget Kantoo, the KoraKora, and Bolton… I can’t believe I miss him. Of all that we have lost, Bolton is the last person I would ever expect to find myself saddened over. He deserved worse. He was old, contrary, and painfully difficult. Why do I miss him today?

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