I should not have despaired so quickly upon opening the third vault and ruining half of its contents. Starlark was quick to realize exactly what we had in the state ledgers and taxation documents: a record of every valuable item in the city.

Not only that, but we have evidence that whatever Salisir was seeking may not have been the solitary enchanted item within Senida. We have hope. There are three different houses in the city that are recorded to have vaults of the same strength as those we blasted open under the palace yesterday, and four other houses with redacted entries in the official ledgers. Whatever treasures Senida holds, they are not limited to what Salisir was after.

We must hurry. The Lost Children made an attempt at the trapdoor again last night, and Balthandar says he had to knock one off the vines growing up the western face of the building. They are growing stronger, or perhaps only more daring. This bodes ill for our time in Senida. We must find our solution quickly or risk everything in a confrontation with the Makonga.

Quote-Entry-113 vault

For its part, the Makonga does not feel like a direct threat from the stories we have heard. More the kind of thing that would keep overly-adventurous children in their beds at night. But if it controls monsters like the Lost Children, things that fight and kill and disappear when harmed… well then the Makonga clearly has more power than a mere children’s tale.

We will move as quickly through the city today as possible, and discover what clues we can. Gorung has told us that he and ClickClick will leave us at sunset. They are too frightened to stay another night, and I cannot blame them.

We brought this evil upon them. We have opened the door to their greatest fears. I would leave it at that if I could, if I were to be honest, but I fear that we would only draw this monster after us and be exposed. We have no choice but to stand and fight it, if fight it we can.

I have wasted enough time writing. The sun is up, the hunt is on.

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