The true wealth of Senida lay in its accumulation of relics. Only one of them was too large to carry off, so it was destroyed and left in shattered pieces where once it had stood strong.

What happened to the rest I cannot say with any certainty, but they are all gone. What was most fascinating was that each was given its own suppression box in which to rest. Suppression boxes are rare, as rare as Daedric Black Runes or ancient MARD devices. Each serves the same basic purpose – they keep the Atmosphere at bay, preventing any form of magic from taking place within its effective range.

Suppression boxes are one of the few obvious examples of the physical world having a direct effect on the metaphysical, which is covered at length in Hierarchies of Power. The physical composition of such materials is not well known, if it is known at all, and thus they are rarely created. Only Daedric alchemists tend to know the process by which they can be formed. Otherwise you must stumble upon one if you wish to have it.

But there were six in this city, and each was left behind. It makes me wonder if the people taking the relics even knew the value of the boxes from which they took them. If only we could carry them ourselves.

Quote-Entry-114 suppression boxes

The purpose of the boxes is clear, whatever relics they contained were to be kept hidden or inert while in the houses of their owners. The combined value of it all is staggering. It could have created armies, floated armadas… why was it all kept secret?

Perhaps it was only in their combination that they could keep things like the Makonga at bay. Perhaps that was the very base cost of this trade and mining operation, one that had grown to become a wealthy city of its own in the process.

One thing seems clear from today’s excursion, we have no real protection from the Makonga nor its Lost Children. We must escape the city first thing in the morning and put as much distance between ourselves and Senida as possible. We can only hope that the monsters are content to take the city by night, and pray they will not notice three humble adventurers slipping away by the light of day.

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