Starlark is gone.

We searched everywhere we could, but he has left us no trail by which to follow. He left his pack, his sleeping mat, and… everything. The only missing items were his bow and one solitary arrow.

Quote-Entry-124 duel with death

A final duel with death. Starlark has left us.

We stay. If there is any chance he will return, we will not abandon him. But how long can we? The Makonga draws near again. I feel it. We all do.

Inifra has spent the morning gathering the roots and leaves she says are necessary for the ritual to blind it to our presence. It will come for us, she says, no longer with a solitary hunger for a murderer. It will use Starlark to entrap us all.

If we are to stay put, she says, we must at least stay alive. We will perform the ritual to blind it. If the Makonga leaves us after that, we will know with certainty what it sought.


I could not help you, but how I wish I could have. I wish so many things, and the Nanten denies them all.

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