It’s strange, but I feel a greater calm as we march through the Nanten than I have felt at any point along our journey. Though there is a sadness in me over the deaths of Bolton and Starlark, there is a peace as well. They brought so much strife to our midst. I didn’t realize how deeply it affected me.

I would never wish them dead. The fact that I feel so much better in their absence, however, makes for awful pangs of guilt. My own failures were inextricably tied to their fates. That is something I can never allow myself to forget.

The dangers of this place are no less than they have ever been, but we have survived much of the worst the Nanten has to offer. My companions are powerful and trustworthy. At least I hope that Inifra is trustworthy. And aside from Balthandar’s bias against the Nantese in general, there feels like little open strife between us.

Quote-Entry-128 goal

We have a mission to accomplish, a goal ahead of us. We must find Salisir. I have to know what happened to him or I can never return home. More important, however, is to find this Daedric society at the heart of the Nanten and bring it to its knees. How we will do that is a matter to untangle when we get there. But that is my call as a Tetrarch, even if I cannot rightly call myself one any longer.

I was raised to fight the Daedra. I will die doing exactly that.

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