I realize that you know little of the Tetrarch or the ways in which we operate. I thought of this as I explained everything to Inifra today, and it is not to your discredit that I assume you know relatively little as well. I suspect few are privy to the inner-workings of my order. We are secretive to the point of definition in spite of being so publically visible.

But we have not always been so openly present.

The Tetrarch are almost as much a family as we are an order, and the term “Tetrarch” itself carries a number of meanings. Tetrarch is our collective name, but it is also my title, and the title of any other member. It derives from our leadership of four, refers to a long history, and relays a shared purpose.

We have not always been accepted by the High King, nor the rest of society. There have been long periods of persecution that have forced us underground, and other periods of stability where we find our place openly among our peers. This has been one of those times of relative peace, the longest in our history, but the dangers to us are what require our secrecy and exclusivity.

Our purpose is what unites us, and it is our common enemy that makes us tolerable to the world around us. The great Demons that have come throughout history are what define our very existence. Ever since the first ascended, we were there to stop them. Until the ninth comes, we will fight on.

Quote-Entry-129 tetrarch

This is our only drive. My only drive. To destroy Daedric society and do everything I can to win this unending war against the Demons. It is what first brought me to you. It is also what immediately took me away.

And this is the great truth of the Tetrarch: We are alone. No matter how well we are loved, or how quickly accepted, we are never truly able to reach back and connect. We bow to no kings and we fight no man’s war. We are dedicated to the preservation of the Tetrarch and the destruction of the Daedra. Our very purpose is to save the world, whether it would have us or not. To those callings alone do I hold.

Brin Salisir lost sight of that calling. He was egotistical and out for his own glory above that of the Tetrarch. At least so I was always led to believe, though the more we follow his trail the more questions I find waiting for me. What is certain is that he never fit the mold of the order. His enmity towards it was something I saw personally when I was just a boy. It came as no surprise to us when he was exiled, even though such a thing was beyond rare.

At least, it was rare for twenty more years.

What am I now, if I am not of the Tetrarch? It is my identity, exiled or not. My bloodline is pure. My mother holds station at Silver Hall. Until almost a year ago I was the shining star of our order. I was the name the Old Empire knew, even if no one truly knew the man behind it. I was feared on the Great Wastes, and welcomed like a conqueror in the Northern Range.

Who am I now?

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