Inifra didn’t understand much of what I had to share about the Tetrarch yesterday. She seemed to, but then today she came back with questions that demonstrated she did not.

For one, she didn’t comprehend the gravity of the presence of Daedric sects within any given location. Why were they any more evil than any other cult? The KoraKora, she said, seemed more dangerous than the Daedra I described. Certainly more formidable.

I tried to explain that it isn’t the men who make up the sect or society, it’s the power to which they kneel. That power is unique to any other in the known world. The more followers that gather, the greater the danger they will draw that power forth. If they draw it forth, if a Demon ascends, then the world must contend with it.

She asked how many had come, and then why she hadn’t heard of most of them if this was a problem that concerned the whole world.

I told her that the ones she hadn’t heard of were ones that had been stopped early. Just because they were not well known did not make them less of a threat.

How could we spend our days focused on preventing something that might happen, she asked, when there were evils we could stop every day? People starving in our cities. Murders in our streets. There were tangible wrongs committed every day, she said. How could we not fight those?

That’s what city guards were for, I said. Inquisitors, civil marshals, whatever form policing took in whatever city. We serve a higher cause than the petty transgressions occurring day to day. If it were not for what the Tetrarch accomplish, no other efforts would matter. Everything would come to an end.

She walked away to consider this and left me to my own confusion. How can she not see the overwhelming need for what we do? Comparing the work of the Tetrarch to that of any common soldier, let alone exalting that soldier above us, is beyond me.

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The Nantese are backwards. It is something I should remember, but Inifra seems so different. She seems to carry the collective wisdom of her every predecessor. How can she miss this one simple truth?

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