I finally managed to get an explanation out of Inifra today, though I’m sure there is more under the surface of what we discussed. She said that she will continue with us until we have found Salisir, because we have proven ourselves friends of her people and enemies of her enemies. She said that if there is a dark threat growing on the horizon in the form of Demons and Daemons, then she cannot afford to turn a blind eye.

I asked her if she had known Salisir. She seemed familiar with him the last time we saw her before the Akari Grasslands. She shook her head silently. Eventually she said that she had never known him herself, but her most recent predecessor had. Finding out what happened to Salisir was another reason to remain with us.


Again, I felt a misplaced pang of jealousy. Clearly she couldn’t mean that she loved Salisir? And even if she did, who am I to stand in the way of that? Why should I feel jealous for the affections of a woman who doesn’t even appreciate my presence?

She says that there are no tributaries near us, but once we reach one she will be able to travel ahead and gather information. In the meantime, she has started asking me to consider fighting the KoraKora directly. She resumed her argument that while my calling as a Tetrarch might be noble, it served little purpose if there was no peace already established.

What good is saving the world, she asked, if the world you’re saving has fallen into chaos on its own?

Quote-Entry-132 chaos

But she has it all backwards. That’s what I’m trying to get her to see. The power we contend with is more powerful than entire armies of KoraKora. If I fail in my calling, then no amount of good deeds or high service will help the people who are left. If one of the Demons ascends unopposed, it will destroy everything.

I agreed that the KoraKora are heinous to their very core, it would give me no small pleasure to kill them all outright, but I cannot be distracted by them when we could be on the verge of an ascension and not even know it. I have to find out what happened to Salisir. I must discover what he discovered and make my decisions from there.

Perhaps, if there is no threat at the heart of the Nanten, we can be distracted by the plight of her people. But even then, what good could we expect to do in such a nightmarish place as this?

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