Mountains. I haven’t seen mountains since we crossed the Blight Sea, and I doubt we will see any on this journey. Not that the maps of the Nanten we have been given have proven completely trustworthy, but I have seen no indications that there are mountains.

We’ve scarcely had to climb any hills in months, and now there are to be true peaks?

Whoever this bandit Zorga is, I already hate him. Not for the horrid wretch I’m sure he is, and not for the terrible things he has done. No, in a way it’s almost too easy to hate him for those things. Those feel cliché. I hate Zorga because suddenly I find myself on a detour from my only true mission.

I hate slogging through this jungle, and now I am slogging through it towards a goal that will not advance my own. The Nantese should learn to stand up for themselves. To fight.

Quote-Entry-134 mountains

I haven’t bothered talking to Inifra about it at all today as we marched. I would only manage to anger her with my own frustrations. And for some reason she has brought that girl Timber along with us, and as little as I may care, still, I don’t want to offend our little guest.

If nothing else we should manage a good fight. I’ll take that as the solitary consolation in deciding to follow Inifra into the mountains. I wish Starlark was here to join in. The old Starlark. He would love a little quest like this.

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