Timber’s presence makes me miss Kantoo. While altogether different from the boy, she adds something to our party that only a child can. I’ve never taken children on any of my hunts, to do so would be deemed irresponsible back home.

In the Tetrarch we wouldn’t dream of allowing our young to enter the field until they had completed at least three years of the Scourge. Even then their involvement would be limited. But the children of the Nanten aren’t truly children, are they? With the constant threats, the lack of adults to care for them, and the specter of death looming in any number of forms, how could one expect them to be?

Quote-Entry-136 children

Children like this would have a lot in common with Salisir, though his own innocence was ruined later than theirs. How many of them harbor vengeful purposes like he did?

Kantoo certainly didn’t seem to wish revenge upon the KoraKora, but he was eager to help us escape them. Was that his own personal rebellion taking shape in our flight? They killed him for it in the end. I don’t believe in vengeance for its own sake, but why shouldn’t we return death and violence upon these monsters that plague entire regions?

Still, what good does such action serve? If the Nantese can’t learn to stand up for themselves, someone new will take the place of any evil we evict.

We should continue along the path upon which we were set. After this detour to find Zorga, we must focus on discovering what happened to Salisir.

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