Inifra seems wholly unconcerned with what we will find once we arrive at Zorga’s stronghold. If he has any strength in arms around him it seems prudent to me to begin asking questions. At the very least we should be scouting the area rather than walking heedlessly into it.

I asked Inifra why she was so confident and all she said was that the rains were coming. She said it with a knowing smirk, though what she knew she elected not to share.

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It seems as though I have lost my voice in the matter. I feel compelled to follow Inifra. Somehow I trust her. Why I do is not so easy to pin down. Strangely I am at peace with this, though my anxieties surrounding our circumstances are ever present within me.

Still I find that I don’t doubt Inifra’s judgment in the same way that I don’t doubt my inability to influence it. I have become an observer to what can best be described as a force of nature. Whatever Inifra intends and whatever she will do are beyond me to control. She speaks of peace constantly. Of seeing the Nanten unified not under a government, or a religion, but a common desire for the good of each other.

As long as I follow Inifra, so will Balthandar and Dionus. I only hope this intuitive trust in her is not misplaced. If it is, I fear I will lose theirs in the process. Dionus seems far less concerned than Balthandar who does not see the wisdom in following Nantese where we should be leading them. Where I should be leading them. I am only beginning to understand the weight that Balthandar has placed upon me as he follows and protects.

Dionus for his part is steadily becoming himself again. He has been aloof since he has returned to us, constantly gazing off into the distance. His mind has often been elsewhere. Every passing day draws him to engage us more, however, and I feel confident that soon he will be fully present. I am simply glad that he is present at all.

If I am incapable of completing any other task within the Nanten, at the very least I will succeed at keeping these two men with me. They are the dearest friends I could possibly ask for in a world that would otherwise see me dead.

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