In what came as a surprise to us all, Inifra made contact with one of Zorga’s lieutenants this morning. She knew he was coming and was waiting for him when he entered our camp.

Apparently Zorga’s men are wildly superstitious. He showed Inifra greater deference than I would have imagined, afraid even to make eye contact with her. At first it made me doubt that these were truly evil men that we were dealing with, but Inifra assured me that how they treated her would in no way reflect who they truly were.

He left after an hour of speaking with her and we have spent the rest of the day waiting for his return. Inifra requested audience with Zorga. She seems to believe that we will be escorted up into the mountains first thing in the morning. “There will be more than lives to take. There will be lives to save.”

That was all she said. What she expects to come from this, or how we are to fulfill our promise to oust Zorga, I am not sure. She made us all a hot tea from the leaves of a small tree that bore a citrus fruit. It was impressive to see her heat the water with a gesture. I am curious to know the full extent of her power.

I am curious about her in all kinds of ways, if that wasn’t obvious. Her beauty grows every day we spend together. I was enchanted by her when we first met, and that sense of rapture has only grown with time. She is wise and can hold conversations well regardless of whether she is familiar with the subject or not. She is also brave and just in her dealings.

Quote-Entry-139 curious

Inifra is a woman of high character. She is regal in every sense of the word. But I feel as though she does not share any of the feelings that I have for her. The time is certainly not right to bring it up to her here, not while we wait for Zorga’s lieutenant to return, but then there is no such thing as an ideal time in the Nanten. Perhaps in a few weeks I will be able to broach the subject with her, when we are well into our march north to the Nanten River.

Or perhaps I will never have the opportunity. What if she loves Salisir? What if the memories of him, though not her own, are too strong for her to overcome? She never says much about him, and when she offers anything it is vague at best.

Salisir. You plague me at every turn, and in ways I never imagined you could. Gods help me, but I hope you died a horrible death out here in the Nanten. Knowing this jungle as I have come to, that is certainly a strong possibility.

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