Balthandar packed for Inifra this morning. She doesn’t carry much with her, but that is beside the point. Balthandar respects her now. I can see it in the way he stands when addressing her. The way he stiffens when he knows she is looking his way. He saw who she is at the reservoir. He saw what she is.

Quote-Entry-150 respect

I wonder if he is reassessing his view of the Nantese in general, or if this woman is worthy of his respect as an individual. It makes me glad to know that she is finally welcome among us, even if I feel uncertain of my own place at the moment.

I have come to love each of the members of my party. They have all given so much to help me, to guard my life, and to fulfill my mission. I don’t know what they think of me at present, but I hope I can earn back whatever love or respect I have lost.

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