I spent much of today trying to think of ways to tell Inifra what I think about her. How she makes me feel. None of it comes together right in my head.

I’ve never worried about such things before. I’ve never concerned myself about what I will or won’t say to a woman in the course of my attraction to her. Why would I? You just do what you do and things happen as they will. At least that’s what I always thought.

But Inifra is different. She’s something immensely different. All I want is to tell her that I think so, as foolish as that makes me feel. I shouldn’t. She can barely tolerate us as it is. I should keep my mouth shut, but my mind won’t stop spinning ludicrous sentences together.

“Though the sun be extinguished, the moons fall from the skies,
still I see by the sparkle in the stars of your eyes.”

Stupid things like that. Things that don’t even make sense. And what kind of sparkle… I mean I should tie in the fact that she’s a Master Hydra somehow, but “the stars of your rain” doesn’t rhyme. And her eyes…

Gods, I’m an idiot.  I wish I was a poet. I never thought I’d ask for that before now.


It’s hopeless.

Quote-Entry-152 hopeless

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