The KoraKora are coming. We found one of their scouts drinking at a pool this morning. Balthandar skewered him before he even knew we were there, then Timber smashed his horn on a root. She didn’t flinch at the sight of the blood. In fact, after she shattered his horn she just stood there staring at the scout until he died.

There is fire in her eyes, a hatred for the KoraKora which blazes far hotter than our own.

Quote-Entry-158 scout

There was no hope of scouting the area ourselves. We cannot see far through the rain and Dionus cannot sense anything in the air. Starlark’s eyes are lost to us, as is his silent speed in the undergrowth. I do not feel comfortable allowing Timber to take his place, though she certainly would in an instant.

Neither Dionus nor I have sensed the use of magic since Inifra left us. The KoraKora have learned to mask their approach. Whatever method they are applying to track us in this tempest, we are completely unaware. Thankfully they don’t know our exact location. At least they don’t appear to yet.


If I were willing to allow myself to relax, I would assume that no one could follow us in these conditions. As always, I assume the worst in regards to my enemy.

I wish I could ask Timber how she knew to smash the scout’s horn. There are a lot of questions I would ask her tonight if I spoke Nantese. If only Inifra were with us, I would feel better on numerous fronts.

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