The KoraKora attacked us in the night. There weren’t many of them, it was likely an advance party, but they took us completely by surprise. The only thing that saved us was one of them slipped and fell into a pool right near Dionus. That woke him up while the rest of us remained asleep. I don’t know who was supposed to be on watch.

The other KoraKora scouts had made it quickly to the rest of us. The fight was grisly. I hate fighting in water. I was almost drowned before I could kill the first one to me. Balthandar killed the second to come after me as he lunged into the water. Dionus was able to deal a fair amount of damage in the initial moments of the skirmish, which swung things in our favor, but his power was weakened by the rain.

It was as the fight turned to our advantage that I realized Timber was gone.

I shouted for her and could just hear her scream above the torrent of the rain. She had been taken by one of the scouts.

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It took me a moment to catch up to them, but finally I found her locked in a horrific fight of her own. Her captor didn’t realize the danger bundled up in his arms until he found a small knife in his ribs. I didn’t know that she had been carrying the blade with her the whole time. He clearly found it more of a shock than I did.

The struggle to subdue her had gone poorly. I arrived as he made the decision that carrying her alive was too difficult to be worth it. Thank the gods I arrived when I did. She put up an impressive fight. He was well bloodied when he died, but so was she. We’ve had to bind her wounds twice tonight to staunch the bleeding.

It looks like the bastard bit her.

How can these animals do such horrible things? And then they do them to children. The KoraKora aren’t even animals. They are of lower substance.

Where my hatred for them steels me against them, makes it easier to kill them, it also draws out a basic dread.

We fear the unknown. There are rules we all unconsciously choose to live by. When those are broken by a few madmen, what response can we have except stark terror? We do not know what to expect, and those men themselves immediately become a greater unknown than anything else could possibly be.

Thus, in their evident willingness to do what no human being would even think possible, the KoraKora become something else. They assume the stranger. The alien. And in doing so they become a greater threat in my mind than even the most powerful of foes.

We need to resume our watch-keeping duties with greater diligence. Gods I hate this jungle.

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