Dionus flew into a rage this morning. The endless sheets of water cascading around us are a growing frustration to him. The air is constantly moving in response to the water; subtly enough that the rest of us barely notice, but far too much for him to handle for so long.

I’ve never seen him so angry. He lashed out at a tree, striking its base over and over until it began to teeter and eventually fell into the river. His power is diminished, but not too greatly. Whatever the experience feels like, it has irritated him more and more over the last two weeks.


Timber walked over to him once he had cut the tree down. She grabbed his hand and held onto it, staring out at the water with him as he calmed down. The tree itself was tall enough that it might have reached the other side of the river. It was difficult to tell in the haze of the rain. Still, it was frighteningly impressive to watch Dionus hack it down in his fury.


I didn’t bother pointing out that it might well serve as a signpost to the KoraKora. I doubt he much cares right now. It may not matter in any case as we do not know how it is they are even able to track us.

I hope Inifra’s canoes show up soon. We need to move faster.

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