We have finally discovered the limits of the Nantese water routes. The river, which had been rising steadily over the last few days, has finally begun to overflow its banks. Nonda says that unless Inifra awakes with a better plan in mind, we will use this to our advantage in another day or two.

The mouth of this tributary is large, he says, but broadens tenfold at the height of the rains. The KoraKora do not know where we are going, he says. Soon we will be able to leave the natural course of the river and travel between the trees as the floodwaters rise. It will get us to the falls much faster, he says, and will lose the KoraKora behind us.

The inherent danger is that the chance of capsizing will increase the farther into the jungle we go. Between striking trees and catching ourselves on vines, our situation will grow only more precarious.

Quote-Entry-171 Nonda

The current has certainly increased dramatically. We must be passing other tributaries as we continue north. Still, we paddle as though our very survival depended upon it. It very well may.

Once we rejoin the river, Nonda says there will be cataracts. He hopes that they will be subdued by the swollen river as we cross, but they will still be dangerous. If, after all that, the KoraKora remain behind us and continue to follow, we will have no choice but to fight.

If that happens, I certainly hope Inifra will have awoken by then. Gods but we could use her right now. If I knew how to pray to Infiri, I would ask her to return her servant to us. We need her.

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