Inifra’s boat capsized this morning. She was still unconscious when it happened.

We are all of us exhausted by this shortcut through the jungle. There can only be another day or two of it, yet that seems an impossibly long time to me today. Exhaustion is causing mistakes.

Each pilot has abandoned his pole in favor of using paddles as rudders. Inifra’s pilot fell asleep while on duty and dropped his. Seconds later, they hit one of the trees. The water forced them up and over a collection of debris, then the whole thing rolled to the side and dumped them out.

There was shouting in the chaos. All of the supplies in that canoe were lost, and Inifra was still unconscious. I saw her slip into the water and sink. Without hesitation I dove from my canoe to rescue her, which was as foolish as it may have been noble.

The current of the water is deceptively strong. If I hadn’t grabbed her immediately, she would have been carried too far from me to find within seconds. I hauled her to the surface as quickly as I could, but hit a tree and was pulled back under in a daze. Vines reached out to grab us, tearing us apart. Branches of smaller trees jabbed us. Rises in the land swirled us away from our companions.

Quote-Entry-174 capsized

Finally I was able to grab onto a vine and hold up against one of the massive trunks. I held on for what felt like an age before Balthandar hoisted us out of the water and into his canoe.

They were able to salvage Inifra’s canoe, but none of the supplies. The pilot survived, but we never found the other two. The fool cost us so much, but how can any of us withstand the strain of this path for much longer?

Even I want nothing more than to sleep when it is my turn at the rudder or deflecting trees and debris from the bow. But I cannot allow myself to. None of us can make any mistakes like that again.

What I really want to know is how the godsdamned leeches managed to find me in the midst of all that chaos. I had to pull three off once I was back in the canoe. If there was one supernaturally persistent species of monster in this jungle, it would be the leeches.

I need to sleep.

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