Inifra finally woke up today. She is still too tired to move much, but she started to speak. She told us that there was a fishing village near the mouth of the river in which Salisir was known. She said he’d helped them with something in exchange for supplies, and then continued downriver to the falls. He was looking for something, and he never came back.

She said she was in such a hurry to return to us that she pushed herself too hard. Using the water to propel herself through the river is an effective way to travel, but one that costs too much. She had never tried to go so far so fast before.

She is still too weak to help us, though I don’t know what she could do to alleviate the struggle with these trees in any case. She doesn’t seem to know how to manage her power properly. This is the second time she has completely spent herself in the matter of a month. It makes me wonder how long she has had the powers of Infiri at her command.

Quote-Entry-175 woke

I need to resume my place at the bow. We should be out of these trees shortly.

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