We have made it to the open river. I have never seen one to match it. The current is unstoppable, propelling us faster than a galloping horse could ever hope to. And it is unending.

Where the shadowy presence of the trees never completely left our sight on the tributary north, they have vanished from view on the Nanten. They are absorbed completely in the unceasing rain.

There are sections where it feels as though we are traversing rises and falls. These are the upper cataracts, Nonda tells me. They force us to work to keep the canoes aright when we cross them, and they are the weakest of the rapids. We are days away from the falls, and there are five more sets of cataracts to cross.

Inifra says that there is a city at the top of the falls. If we can make it there, she can rally what fighters inhabit it and we can make our stand. That is if they do not flee before the KoraKora.

Quote-Entry-177 falls

She assures us that they won’t, that they do not fear the KoraKora so near the Great Hole. I can only hope she is right. We cannot do this on our own, especially with her recovering and Dionus’ power reduced by the rains.

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