Inifra has gone ahead of us. There is yet a half-day or more to go to the falls, and she wants the people there to be ready for our arrival. It’s understandable, but gods I wish there was some way she could just move us there with her. We have one final cataract to cross and I do not relish the fact.

We have lost no more canoes, and no one else has fallen into the water. Let us hope we can maintain that record just a little longer.

Quote-Entry-179 Inifra Gone Ahead

The KoraKora continue to hunt us, but they have kept their distance. We only catch glimpses of them behind us on occasion. The rest of the time the rain veils their pursuit. Why have they given up? Their assault has been suicidal until now. Why change that when we are most vulnerable?

We must survive this night, and hope that by morning we are among friends.

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