Our final fight with the KoraKora is done. They must have died by the thousands in the cataracts. Only a few hundred made it to Hamada, the city on the cliffs. The fight was brief. Inifra had gathered nearly a hundred people willing to defend the docks.

We hardly fought at all, my companions and I. Exhausted, we crawled from our canoes and took up positions behind the people of Hamada. They repelled each attempt by the KoraKora to disembark, killing half and forcing the rest to continue to the falls.


If any made it to the other side before being swept over the edge, I do not know. Only a few of our new friends were killed in the fighting. It was an astonishing victory over what has been our greatest enemy in the Nanten. Their ferocity had been greatly diminished by the struggle on the river. They died like sheep at the slaughter.


I did not see him at the docks. He must have died in the cataracts. Gods, but it feels good to sleep knowing that the KoraKora no longer pursue us. Hamada’s leaders have posted a watch along the river to ensure no stragglers are able to sneak into the city. I’m not sure if it’s the elation at our deliverance that makes me feel so relaxed, or the simple pleasure of solid ground beneath me, but I am not concerned about it.

We have been well fed, and now it is time for some much needed sleep.

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