The locals here have their own stories of Salisir, though nothing as fantastic as what we found in Senida. These stories seem much more in keeping with Salisir’s character. Excursions into the jungle to kill particular bandits, assassinating their leaders in exchange for goods or services. He used to come back to Hamada as a base of operations, but about ten years ago he went missing.

Some say he went north, hunting a bandit king that had caused them great strife for some time. Others say he climbed down the cliffs and entered the Great Recess in search of some myth in Matasten. Yet more say he was killed in a skirmish along the banks of the Nanten River. His remains, they claim, were washed over the falls and into oblivion.

There is no telling whose story is true. It is shocking to me just how familiar everyone here is with the symbol of the Tetrarch upon my armor. How they show me deference. How they knew Salisir themselves.

Quote-Entry-181 stories of Salisir's departure

We cannot leave without a direction and some certainty that it is our best option. So far we have stumbled our way along after Salisir’s meandering trail. A trail, it seems, that he cut for himself over the course of a decade. He was clearly in no hurry to reach Matasten. Whatever he found to preoccupy himself kept him moving at an almost lazy pace.

In the last six months we have managed to catch him up significantly. We covered ten years, half of his exile to date, in six months. It makes me wonder if it will take another six to find his body.

Perhaps that should guide our strategy and we simply continue on towards Matasten. Even if Salisir took ten years to get to this point, it does appear that he was on his way to the capital city. Perhaps we stand a better chance of finding him if we go that way ourselves.

We will do the best we can to uncover as many clues as possible while we rest. Sleep is truly the one thing I crave most right now. After that, I’d like to explore this strange city.

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