The KoraKora have been spotted to the east. They are not approaching Hamada, but rather are preparing to raid the fishing village that offered us information. It would seem they are to be punished for the slightest of associations with us. And to think I was willing to believe the cannibals scattered.

A small barge arrived this morning with the news. It left the village only a few days before the warning reached them. News of the KoraKora’s approach was spreading quickly through the jungle. Upon arrival, the captain of the barge searched out Inifra to beg her help on behalf of the village. The morning rains were coming, he said. Let her make haste to the east at once to save her people.

She immediately gathered what few belongings she had and made for the river. I asked if we could help and she said no. The trip up the rapids would take a week or longer by canoe, and by then it would be too late. She needed to go immediately and would return as soon as she could.

Dionus stepped forward and offered his help. He could make it there even faster than she. Inifra refused, so Dionus turned to Nonda and asked where the village was. The south bank, a day’s march east of the tributary we took north. He looked to me and I nodded.

Whatever will bring Inifra back to us safely.

Still we stayed silent. My friendship with Dionus no longer requires words. He boomed into the sky and within seconds was gone from view entirely.

Inifra cursed and leapt into the water. That was the last we saw of either. An hour later the rains returned. They lasted for an hour or so before the sunshine broke through again.

I am so anxious for my companions that I have walked out to the precipice from which Dionus stood only yesterday in hopes of feeling something else. Fear of falling. The rush of the knowledge that one misstep and I could die. Just like them. I cannot help them now. There is no intervening on their behalf, with blade or the shift of time.

Quote-Entry-184 village

I will stay out here until the sun sets. I am not a man of prayer, but tonight I beg gods both Dread and Swift to steady the hand and guard the heart of both Dionus and Inifra.

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