There is no word from the east. Though this is what I should expect, it is eating at me. Inifra and Dionus are gone to fight a battle whose urgency demanded that I be left behind. I cannot stand it.

How long does it take them to travel that far? How far are the KoraKora from that village?


How could I have been so foolish as to believe that the paltry show of force that followed us into the rapids was all there was to fear? Of course, even if they found a massive number of canoes to use in their pursuit, the remainder of the KoraKora would continue on foot.

Gods, but I’m such a fool!


For all I know there is another army moving this way even as I write. Our strength is divided. Balthandar and I cannot fight a large contingent of KoraKora on our own for long. Even if the warriors of this city prove able to stand against the cannibals, there are scarcely over one hundred that we know of. One hundred untrained Nantese warriors cannot withstand one thousand bloodthirsty KoraKora, even with the best sword and spear in the world at their center.

We must begin preparing some form of defense, just in case.

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