Another day and no real news. I should hope that Inifra and Dionus have arrived by now. Even more, I hope that they are safe.

The rains came for another hour this morning. Somehow they felt intrusive. They were doubly frustrating as they interrupted the work Balthandar and I have set for our hosts. We began barricading their central hall last night, and have continued that work all day today. It stands in the far northeastern corner of the city, with its northern flank covered by the river and its eastern by the cliffs.

It seems the most defensible position out of any in the city. It also serves as a choke point for our retreat over the river should we need to flee. Great quantities of stone and timber have been piled up along the external entrances to the bridge so as to force any attackers to follow through the hall. Once that work is complete we will begin another layer of fortifications a block or two out. Balthandar also had the two remaining explosive devices from Senida stashed in his pack. We are uncertain how we should put them to use, but I am glad to have them.

It was difficult to get the Nantese to offer us any help at first until a second barge arrived at the docks. They carried more news of the KoraKora moving through the jungle, slaughtering villages and worse as they went. Though there was no certainty that they were approaching us, the possibility spurred more people into action. Many of the citizens are yet unwilling to uproot and move closer to the fortifications, but this is unfortunately the norm.

The balance of convenience and safety is often difficult to sway until true danger arrives. One can only hope, in cases such as this, that there is still time to respond when it does.


Timber has found a group of other children with whom she has been able to spend a fair amount of time. They seem to regard us with a greater deference because of whatever it is she tells them. In turn, their parents were among the earliest to offer their aid to our effort.

We cannot flee any longer. The KoraKora will hunt us to the ends of this jungle and back again. With stone structures and a small but willing force to defend it, we stand our best chance of defeating the cannibals here should they arrive. If we are lucky, they will be a divided force, weakened in numbers and fatigued by their march.


Let us hope that at least some small measure of luck may fall our way in this encounter. We need all we can get. That is enough for now. I am running low on empty pages in this journal and should try to conserve them.

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