There has been no word from our companions yet. Inifra says the people of Hamada watched them cross the Broken Circle from the cliffs. They lost sight of them once the rains began, and by the time the storm had quit there was no sign of the travelers below.

Gods but I am anxious for them.

Inifra and I resumed our discussion of justice in the Nanten today, but from a different angle. At least my angle has changed. I cannot continue to ignore the plight of the people across whom we stumble, not in good faith. My callousness to their suffering is tantamount to inflicting it upon them. If I can stop it and don’t, how am I any better than the KoraKora who plagued them?

It almost angered me how happy it made Inifra to hear me say that. She went off on her dreams for a peaceful, unified nation. One whose people lived in harmony with one another.

I am not entirely certain what good it will do in the end, for any vacuum in power here is bound to be filled by the worst sorts of people. But creating those vacuums is better than leaving the cruel and despotic rulers of these regions unpunished.

Isn’t it?

Inifra doesn’t seem concerned with power herself. She wants to spread the influence of Infiri and raise her standing among the Nantese, but it is not an exclusive goal. She doesn’t want to oust any other gods, nor does she wish to rule in a political sense. Inifra’s desire is to spread her religion. I don’t see it as enough to unify this people. What I want to know is what we can do to help them regain greater stability.

She seems to think that helping one person at a time is enough. I can aid her in that for the time being, but I doubt that will be sufficient for me in the long run. And what of Salisir? Discovering his fate is my pass to return home.

Quote-Entry-192 help

Do I even have a home? Or is the Nanten my home now? Perhaps I could make it my home if Inifra would be a part of it. If only I could get a better read on her. With momentary exceptions, she goes cold at the most inconvenient of times. I would tell her how I feel, but every opportunity I get is preemptively sabotaged by her attitude and distance from me.

It’s as confounding as it is confusing. Perhaps that should serve as communication enough. This desire for intimacy and my longing for her to open up to me, to be mine, is just that. It is mine, and mine alone. I should not be so foolish as to think she would share it.

Another couple of days drinking Martingue broth and I should be healthy enough to continue on. I hope that Dionus, Balthandar, and Timber join us by then.

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