If there are Woads in the jungle, we are facing darker times than I had imagined. The fact that they hunted my friends leaves me on edge.

Knowing that Salisir’s exile was a thinly-veiled death sentence, I never thought to take his own false mission seriously in my exile. My sense of duty was as far as it ever went. I was sent to find him and discover if there was a Daedric society in the Nanten. In knowing that this was a pretext for my own death, I never stopped to truly consider it as a real possibility. It was my drive, it was my duty, but that was it. It was hollow. I fully expected to confirm there was no Daedric presence in the Nanten and then I would make for home.

The ramifications of this are severe. My entire outlook upon the Nanten and my presence within it has changed.

Entry-200-Quote-Daedric Prince

Salisir claims that the society in Matasten is fully formed. Something that has only happened once before, to my knowledge. The last time a Daedric society matured, the world nearly came to its end. The Prince of Flames – what a horrific legend he became.

A Daedric society goes through any number of stages as it grows, but its ultimate aim is to establish itself as a nation. Klotia is infamous for its willingness to allow Daedric societies to form within its borders, but somehow no one society is ever permitted to mature. No one knows how the Klotians keep the Daedra from taking over, but so far they have proven quite capable.

Without boundaries set for them, however, the Daedra have a clear goal to create their own nation-state. Disrupting a smaller society is as simple as killing its priests and destroying its Slicks. Not that this is easy, but it is something the Tetrarch excels at. Even the Chaplaincy can handle individual Slicks without great difficulty. But once a society unites from multiple Slicks, the leadership decentralizes.

Eventually, if it grows large enough, the society becomes an organism with too many heads to cut off quickly enough to kill it. Then, when it has grown to strength, it produces either a Daemon or a Prince to lead it. In the Old Empire, Daedric societies rarely last long enough to develop. Their members remain unskilled warriors, their leaders never master any Expressions. Their activities, driven underground, are stunted from the beginning.

But in a place like the Nanten, a failed state where there is no established authority to suppress their development… as long as they could defend themselves from the Nantese, there would be nothing to stop them.

Angel’s Tears. Salisir says they have a Prince already. What’s to stop them from forming Daemons, even as I write this? And who knows how close to an Ascension we could be…

Loath as I am to ask, I need to know more about Salisir’s plan. But first we have to find my friends.

Entry 200 Daedric Prince

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