I spent much of today trying to teach Dionus to keep his touch on the Atmosphere in check. How one interacts with and understands the metaphysical world around us is unique to the person, so it’s difficult to translate how I see it to him. I think it’s doubly difficult in that I was never trained by anyone, let alone a true Master of my expression. As he was, Dionus uses language that I don’t fully understand.

I liken silencing my magic to standing still. Once one begins recognizing the patterns in the Atmosphere, its natural ebb and flow and the secrets which are already locked within it, the temptation is to interact with it at all times. There are different ways to better sense its vibrations, to test its use, but in doing so one uses it oneself. That is precisely what we are trying to avoid, for in using it we are detectible.

Dionus is far more accustomed to using his abilities than I am. I think he constantly tests the energy around us at an unconscious level, keeping his hand on its pulse if you will, so as to know what is happening around him at all times. He does so through his connection to the wind, and can therefore detect the physical world in ways I cannot. He is concerned that he will bring more death upon us if he cannot stop.

I told him to imagine the Atmosphere as the wind, and that if he moved it would send reverberations throughout. He had to stand still, to remain within himself and quiet his mind. Gods, it’s so difficult to put to words.


Where he has spent his life honing his ability to use the Atmosphere, I have been honing mine to hide within it. I can’t even get my thoughts out clearly on paper.

In the end I told him to blind himself. He had to rely on his physical eyes, to remove his senses from the wider world. I think that worked. He hasn’t stopped squirming since. I understand the discomfort; it is disquieting to lose a sense upon which one relies. Tonight I am grateful I have never fully relied on it myself.


I hope Inifra is faring as well with her own self-control. If she struggles in any area, it’s in properly controlling her power. We all need to be careful of this, for while the Atmosphere provides our greatest weapons, it also now poses us the greatest threat of discovery.

This venture into the center of the Great Recess is going to be more dangerous than I’d initially anticipated.

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