The scout we left behind was nowhere to be found yesterday. His blood marked the spot we left him but there was no discernable track to mark his exit. The other has yet to find us, if he is still alive.

Latala. I wish I knew more about them. How they operate, what patterns they follow, even just what they look like. How will we know them if we stumble across them? Do they have something to do with the grinding and scraping noises we hear in the night?

I would assume not as our scouts seemed as ignorant to its source as we are. We may have learned a lot over the last seven months in the Nanten, but we again find ourselves in new territory.

There can be no peace in this place without justice, and no justice without the rule of law. The destruction of that village has returned that lesson to the forefront of my mind. We have seen it time and time again in this jungle. I find myself questioning my decision to make directly for Matasten. What is our ultimate aim? We cannot hope to achieve much on this path, though greater knowledge of our enemy would be helpful.

Balthandar and Dionus weighed in when I asked them that. Balthandar is here to serve and protect me against all enemies, that will never change, but he too desires something more stable for the Nantese who have shown us such hospitality. Dionus takes it another step further. He wants to see justice reestablished in this place.

What lofty dreams we have found ourselves drifting towards.


The Nanten Kingdom fell over a century ago. It was corrupt, riddled with illnesses that only greed and injustice propagate. It fragmented, and those fragments have fractured a dozen times over. How can we hope to reunite it all? How can Inifra or Salisir, for that matter?

While seeking out and destroying the Daedric society in Matasten would be a major part of any strategy, it will prove fruitless if there is no power structure to assume its place. Open a vacuum and all kinds of evil will fill it.

Allow this present evil to flourish, and no strength of arms will be able to stop it.

What are we to do? I still wish to see Matasten, but I’m wavering on the wisdom of making such a blind approach. There are allies we could make that would be able to help us. If Salisir has made his, I’m sure we can make our own.

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