Balthandar got shot in the early afternoon. An arrow took him in the shoulder from behind. Dionus knocked three more from the air, then silence. We never heard another sound, nor saw who loosed on us. Ghosts. The Latala.

Whoever they are, they’re deadly. Why they show restraint is the question, but we have altered our course a little more to the south in hopes that we can evade them. Perhaps it is a futile gesture, but we must try something. We stopped early to allow Balthandar to rest. He says he has taken more arrows over eight months in the Nanten than his entire career as a warrior and bodyguard.


I’m left on edge, and Dionus has not stopped searching for signs of assailants. If they can sneak up and fire upon us at will, we are far more vulnerable than we thought. How close to us can they get undetected? We will not sleep well tonight.

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