If we are to destroy this Daedric Society, one that by all indications has grown to an unprecedented level, we need to know more about it. Different social structures crumble in different ways. The trick to bringing any Daedric sect to its knees is to kill its leader, but an entire Daedric society?

Kingdoms don’t fall by killing kings and banks don’t fold when the banker dies. Decapitating monarchs is preamble to a coronation ceremony. Slit a banker’s throat and his constituents might toss you a share once the redistribution is finished. Kingdoms fall through steady destabilization, plague, or war. Broad actions that sweep the foundations out from underneath it over time. This is how the Old Empire has been consolidated down to only eight kingdoms over the centuries. Banks die harder, but burn the right assets and you can set them teetering.

Daedra don’t succumb to such things. Slicks and sects are born into adversity, their formation initiated in a very state of war. Kill a hundred followers and a hundred more will slowly seep in to fill the gash. But if you kill their leader, whoever it is that unites them and keeps them in line, they will scatter. There’s a reason we call them Daedric ‘followers.’

But will this society be different? I’ve never encountered a fully matured sect. There is no knowing what free thought is permitted in its administrators. What kinds of administration will it even have? Will there be a disciplined military? Regular troops? It’s terrifying to think of Daedra well trained, properly armed, and led by competent battle commanders.

As much as I would like to dismiss such thoughts, I cannot allow myself to underestimate my enemy. If there is a Prince, who is he? What is he?


Salisir says that little is known among the Sondu, but there are others who dare to spy upon the Oaken Throne: the Batsu and Latala.

We don’t have any way of interacting with the Latala; to do so would be a risk in its own right. But this seemed my opportunity to make an open case to make for the Batsu. Salisir has made it clear that we are not to move in Motasta or anywhere the Sondu control without him. Our safety in this place rests on his reputation now. The idea that we are tied to Salisir like untrustworthy children is aggravating. Leaving this territory sounds undeniably tempting for that reason.

He said he would seek permission to leave the city tomorrow. Whatever his plans are for Motasta, apparently they are well enough in motion that he does not need to remain to see them through.

The Sondu are not what I want from the Nantese. They are too straightforward, too ready to step into a world they are not fit to create, even if they would be fit to rule it. They are Salisir’s tool to unseat the Daedric Prince, but they are insufficient to the task. Salisir wants to forge a sword to put in the right hand of the Nantese. We must find the dagger to put in the left. The attack must be pronged in order to succeed and I will ensure that happens.

Perhaps when he returns tomorrow, he won’t find us waiting for him.

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