We seem to be making decent time through the jungle in spite of the size of our party. The fact that Hembila’s men remain on the outskirts, moving at their own rapid pace along unseen paths, leaves them an afterthought to our own movements. They follow us like a fog weaving through the trees.


Wudan seems oblivious to the tensions between our escort and ourselves. He speaks to members of either side with the same innocent inquisitiveness and smile on his face. Watching him makes me wonder if we were right to bring him along. He isn’t hardened to the cruelties of the jungle like ClickClick, nor has he witnessed its horrors first hand as Kantoo did. I suppose there is no protecting him from it forever, but it feels uncomfortable that we should be the ones to lead him into them for the first time.

At least the KoraKora do not reign here. Did we leave them destroyed in the end? We killed them by the thousand and left their leader in pieces at the bottom of the Nanten River. Surely they are weakened if not entirely disbanded.


Can we do the same for the Nantese of the Great Recess? Can we bring an end to the Daedric society that has plagued them for so long?

After fighting Daedra all my life, after being the dominant force at all times, it feels strange to think that they might not only be our equals on the field, but that they might be superior.

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