Wudan is on the brink of death. We can feel the pull of him, reaching out even as he lies unconscious, searching. What he hopes to find I do not know, but he cannot survive long if he continues to use his energy for the task. Does he even know he’s doing it? It’s as though something is reaching through him. Inifra watches him closely as if he might suddenly transform into something completely different, as though there is something happening that she does not want to miss.

Salisir and Hembila agree that we have run almost due north, with a slight curve to the northwest. We are deep into Daedric territory and we need to get out. Balthandar spotted a patrol in the early light of the morning, and there is a good chance it is only one of many.

Kodara argued that we kill Wudan again today, which the rest of us unanimously refused. We may be killers, but we didn’t chase this boy down just to murder him in his sleep. The risk is incredible, but I fear we must do the right thing. It may cost us greatly, but we have taken too many quick and bloody paths to get here. Perhaps taking a longer road will lead us somewhere better.


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