The tunnel east is guarded, though not so heavily that we cannot get through. It makes me wonder if some of the men we killed in rescuing Wudan were guards themselves.

Dionus suggested we circumvent this group entirely and continue through the jungle, but Hembila argued that staying above ground risked discovery by Daedric patrols. These tunnels aren’t just the fastest way through the jungle, they’re the most surreptitious as well.

Salisir agreed with Hembila, as did I. Not that I want to go underground again, but it’s a Wing’s breadth better than walking through Daedra-infested jungle.


We have set up a small camp roughly a thousand yards from the entrance to the cave and plan to strike in the middle of the night. We should be able to kill them quietly enough, and then we need to run. It’s time to put as much distance between ourselves and the Daedra as we can for the time being.

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