The Daedra are as relentless as the KoraKora. I have never known Daedra to be so well organized and so bold. Perhaps it is the sheer number of them, but they press on uninhibited by the fear I’m used to seeing temper their action – at the same time they lack the crazed bloodlust that so often carries their kind recklessly forward.

There is cold intent here. If only they knew what other precious blood we have in our party, perhaps they would pick up the pace.


We have had multiple skirmishes with their vanguard, but each time we only fight long enough to make an escape. Their scouts were not prepared to meet armed resistance so, thankfully, they are poorly armed. This will not be true of the main body behind us.

Gods damn it all, I hate running for my life.

We do have a massive amount of power between us, but we are both unaware of the strength of our foe and uncertain it is wise to reveal ourselves so close to Matasten. We should be out of this forsaken tunnel soon, and if we find a strong creek we may be able to turn and fight in the open.

For once, I don’t want to.

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