We are out on our own, facing a madness we cannot even yet fully comprehend. A threat of a size that would consume us entirely if only we brushed against it.

Nianatara has put us out with no lack of stern words. The threat of the Daedra may be real, she said, but so too was that of our presence among her people. She called us to council and blamed us for the appearance of the Woads, claiming they sensed us and came questing. I was dumbfounded. In truth, she could very well have been right – it stole my words to be caught so completely defenseless.

It only took a few more minutes of shouting between those assembled to decide our fate. Surprisingly, there were more than a few who opposed Nianatara in front of us, but in the end her will won out. We were commanded to leave immediately.

Any association with Salisir was enough to condemn our efforts from the beginning.

Entry-297-Quote-associatoin with Salisir

Why she even bothered to allow us among her people in the first place is a mystery, but Inifra thinks it was to appease Salisir long enough to get him to leave. I suppose she had that figured right. Are we to follow him now?

We travelled a few miles west and made camp as night fell. I am still dumbfounded. It’s the only word that captures how I feel as I stare at these pages in the flickering glow of the fire. It dips beyond exhaustion, reaching past my desire for the alliance of the Batsu and striking at the knowledge that we may have caused those deaths yesterday. Practicing with Wudan in the midst of their camp… but how were we to know there were Woads nearby?

Everyone was caught off guard.

We should head north soon. Once we reach the place where Salisir left us, we will do our best to find the path he took to the Yatusu. At least Inifra will get her chance to see Oroun in person. She’s fascinated by their way of governance, but that fascination has been stolen along with our hopes of aligning with the Batsu. Looking across the fire at her now, she’s as downcast as I am.

No words are shared around the campfire tonight. Whether our thoughts linger with the victims of the Woads or the shattered hopes of a fresh alliance, we are all of us defeated in a new way tonight.

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