I can hear the fighting in the distance. Surprisingly it’s erupting in short skirmishes that fall back as quickly as they rise. I was expecting the Daedra to come rushing over us en masse, but it would seem that the Batsu’s treeborn strategies are throwing them into disarray. What I’ve heard through various reports has been promising on the outside, that the Daedra are divided and struggling to deal with the attacks from above, but things look dismal in the long run. The sheer volume of Daedra is overwhelming.


I’m able to sit up for long periods of time and move some without growing fatigued. Whatever Nianatara’s healers have in their mixture is working. They think that the arrow was poisoned and thankfully know the antidote. If only I could regain my strength quickly enough to be of use. Wounds to the bone are terrible, though this one in particular seems befitting its source. Betrayal makes it doubly bitter.

I’ve been moved back twice, which bodes poorly on its own. The full force of the Batsu is still far to the east; this outpost is not enough to stand against real contention. I don’t know how long it will take for reinforcements to arrive, but a retreat now would result in a route. We’re committed to this fight. There will be no withdrawal to safety, for the Daedra are equally committed. This is to be a blow that will render the Batsu crippled. We must not let them succeed.

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