We’ve been pushed back over a mile as best I can tell. Each advance of the Daedra is intercepted as quickly as possible, but there are too many probing attacks to stop them all quickly enough. The Batsu grow weary, and with it their reaction time slows.

Thankfully the casualties remain low according to Nianatara’s official reports. She’s begrudgingly brought me close to her command post, marked only by a large fire and a handful of tables covered in maps. I can’t deny the spike of envy I felt as I looked a few of them over. They appear to be accurate.

From what I’ve seen so far, the Daedra have flattened their attack into a single front, though their northern and southern ends continue to probe for openings to surround and outflank us. While reinforcements remain a few days away, resupply has arrived in the nick of time, keeping the Batsu’s quivers full and their healers equipped.


Traps have been dug behind us, more set in the trees above. Once we are pressed to retreat behind them they will be activated. The way they’re described to me, I almost feel pity for the poor bastards that will fall into them. But then they are Daedra, and that helps me wish for an even crueler end.

But Starlark? What of him? There have been whispers among the Batsu of the ranged ghost, a man who can pick them off at will from great distances and never be seen. He is probably the single greatest threat to the fight right now, thinning the ranks of the Batsu climbers more than any assault from the ground.

Only wisps of blue, they say, reminiscent of the legendary Latala. That’s all that has ever been seen. I think it strikes the fear into them twice over to know that they are not alone in the tops of the trees.

I can’t tell if I feel more anger or heartbreak over these rumors.

Gods, but the misery of knowing my friend is out there… and that he is no longer my friend.


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