I’m able to move on my own, but not quickly enough for the evacuation. There is a fortified location to which we flee, but whether we will make it is another question altogether. All of our defenses have collapsed. The treeborn units are swarming as a rearguard to slow the approach of the Daedra, but slow is the best they can hope for. They are a magnificent fighting force to say the very least.


Salisir’s plan hadn’t taken into account the possibility that the Daedra would strike first. It makes perfect sense that they would want to fight a divided foe. If only the Nantese had allied themselves sooner.


Reinforcements are not only too far off, but are now separated from us by the advancing darkness. I only hope this hidden fortress is sufficient for our cause.

We have caught up to Wudan and Wauloo, the former grateful to see me and the latter avoiding contact. He has been shackled. It would seem Nianatara felt as uncomfortable with the man as I did. Balthandar says he would have protested, but Wauloo’s behavior had turned erratic with the approaching battle. The terror runs along the tension in his neck as he strains against unseen hands – he’s gone mad.

We may join him soon enough.

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