This place is useless. I don’t know what Nianatara was thinking, but we’ll die within days here. I guess that explains why we didn’t fall back until the point of desperation. Her fortified rallying point is little more than a cave with a series of overlapping walls built out around it.

The water source runs underground, which would make it ideal for a protracted siege if it wasn’t exposed to the surface some three miles north. Once the Daedra figure that out, they can foul the water and force us out. There is also scarcely enough room for half of us inside.

The rest of our force is arriving steadily as Nianatara’s engineers work to fortify the walls and build traps. There is an open clearing directly north where I imagine the bulk of the fighting will be done at first. Once they realize we’ve dug in, however, I expect we should be surrounded and steadily crushed.

The number of Daedra has been officially declared uncountable. There is no way to know how many are coming, but without reinforcements there is little hope at this point. I can’t even console myself with the idea of taking any down with me. I am still useless to this fight.

Entry-306-Quote-Intended for things to end

This was not how I intended for things to end, but I suppose I never had a say in the matter. Let’s hope Nianatara’s generals are faster-moving than she gives them credit.

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