The Daedra pierced our defenses in the night and were barely repelled. The casualties were catastrophic, so bad that we can barely man the puny defenses surrounding the Blind Eye. Nianatara has given the order that the remnant of her elite are to retreat as soon as we’re overrun on the ground. I had hoped she would take the risk to move us up into the trees, but now it is too late. There aren’t enough left alive to defend the transition skyward.

And so it is under this Majestic Sky that we meet our fate.

Dionus quested out in the night to find Starlark, but came up empty handed. There is something in the ranks of the Daedra, he said, something that has a heavy pull on the Atmosphere. Something dark. I have yet to feel it – the sheer weight of the Daedric presence on its own has been enough to blind my senses. Perhaps that is the point. Gods, there are so many things we don’t know about Daedric Society and now I’m going to die without ever being able to share what little I’ve discovered.

Entry-309-blind to A-heavy-pull-on-the-atmosphere

I’ll try to join the defense on the wall tomorrow. I’m able to move well enough to make it there myself, even if wielding my sword is out of the question. Just a few more days with Nianatara’s healers and I could be ready. Damn Starlark. Damn the Nanten and damn this bloody exile.

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