We are as packed into this place as possible. They call it something that translates as the “Blind Eye,” which seems about as positive a name as one might expect given the circumstances. The Daedra are close, they have begun sending raiding parties south and are working to clear the area around us before settling in for their full assault.


The bastards are far more organized and disciplined than I would have expected after our previous encounter. This is not going to go well. The traps set around us have begun to spring, and I’m told that they are effective, but all told we are just nipping at the fringes of a monster. Most are heavily reliant on pits laid with spikes, much like crude cavalry traps back home. They can only work once.

Wauloo has gone berserk. He’s been taken to one of the deeper caves and chained for his own safety after he tried to take the Seventh Death by throwing himself into one of the pits. Thankfully it was as yet unfinished, or perhaps he would have ultimately done us a favor, but only time will tell. So long as he doesn’t find a way to betray us in the end, we need to protect him.

Wudan has been kept deep within the Eye as well, though not so far as to be inaccessible. Between the two brothers, we are presented with our greatest conundrum yet. Should we face defeat, none of us should be permitted to be captured alive. To be taken to Matasten for sacrifice would be detrimental to the fate of this jungle. So how do we handle the possibility?

I know for myself I would rather Balthandar rammed a spear through my heart, but what of Wudan? How can we kill the boy in good faith? Perhaps it is the right thing to do, but how can killing a child ever be right?

Wauloo at least is making it easier on us. I have no qualms killing a grown man who’s as likely to betray us as he is to piss himself in a fight.

Hopefully that moment is averted, but so far the steady press of the Daedra has proved unstoppable. Give it another few days, and we may have no choice but to turn on ourselves and finish this.

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